Saleor uses the concept of Shipping Zones and Shipping Methods to fulfill the shipping process.

Shipping Zones

The countries that you ship to are known as the shipping zones. Each ShippingZone includes ShippingMethods that apply to customers whose shipping address is within the shipping zone.

Each ShippingZone can contain several countries inside, but the country might belong to a maximum of one ShippingZone.

Some examples of the ShippingZones could be European Union, North America, Germany etc.

There’s also a possibility to create a default Shipping Zone which will be used for countries not covered by other zones.

Shipping Methods

ShippingMethods are the methods you’ll use to get customers’ orders to them. You can offer several ones within one ShippingZone to ensure the varieties of delivery speed and costs at the checkout.

Each ShippmentMethod could be one of the two types:

    Those methods can be used only when the order price is within the certain range, eg. from 0 to 50$, 50$ and up etc.
    Same as the PRICE_BASED, but with the total order’s weight in mind.

These methods allow you to cover most of the basic use cases, eg.

  • Listing several methods with different prices and shipping time for different countries.
  • Offering a free (or discounted) shipping on orders above certain price threshold.
  • Increasing the shipping price for heavy orders.


Weight is used to calculate the WEIGHT_BASED shipping price.

Weight is defined on the ProductType level and can be overridden for each Product and each ProductVariant within a Product.