Pulling Translations From Transifex

First make sure you have the Transifex command-line client installed:

$ pip install transifex-client

Then use the pull command to pull translations:

$ tx pull


To create locale directories for newly created translations you will need to call tx pull with the --all flag.

Compiling Message Catalogs

This is required for Django to see the translations.

$ python compilemessages


On Windows, you will need to install GNU’s gettext command. To do that you need to install gettext-iconv. During the installation, make sure to check “Add to PATH”.

Don’t forget to restart your terminal or software after the installation to take the changes into effect.

Extracting Messages to Translate

This will update the English language files with messages that appear in your code.

For the backend code and templates:

$ python makemessages -l en --extension=email,html,mjml,py,txt --ignore="templates/templated_email/compiled/*"

For JavaScript code:

$ python makemessages -l en -d djangojs --ignore="_build/*" --ignore="node_modules/*" --ignore="saleor/static/assets/*"