Events are autogenerated and will be triggered when certain actions are completed, such us creating the order, cancelling fulfillment or completing a payment.

Order events

Code GraphQL API value Description
placed PLACED An order was placed by the customer.
draft_placed PLACED_FROM_DRAFT An order was created from draft by the staff user.
oversold_items OVERSOLD_ITEMS An order was created from draft, but some line items were oversold.
canceled CANCELED The order was cancelled.
order_paid ORDER_PAID The order was fully paid by the customer.
marked_as_paid MARKED_AS_PAID The order was manually marked as fully paid by the staff user.
updated UPDATED The order was updated.
email_sent EMAIL_SENT An email was sent to the customer.
captured CAPTURED The payment was captured.
refunded REFUNDED The payment was refunded.
released RELEASED The payment was released.
fulfillment_canceled FULFILLMENT_CANCELED Fulfillment for one or more of the items was canceled.
restocked_items RESTOCKED_ITEMS One or more of the order’s items have been resocked
fulfilled_items FULFILLED_ITEMS One or more of the order’s items have been fulfilled.
note_added NOTE_ADDED A note was added to the order by the staff.
other OTHER Status used during reimporting of the legacy events.