Saleor gives a possibility to configure taxes. It can be done in dashboard Taxes tab.

Taxes are charged according to the rates applicable in the country to which the order is delivered. If tax rate set for the product is not available, standard tax rate is used by default.

For now, only taxes in European Union are handled.

Configuring taxes

There are three ways in which you can configure taxes:

  1. All products prices are entered with tax included

    If selected, all prices entered and displayed in dashboard will be treated as gross prices. For example: product with entered price 4.00 € and 19% VAT will have net price calculated to 3.36 € (rounded).

  2. Show gross prices to customers in the storefront

    If selected, prices displayed for customers in storefront will be gross. Taxes will be properly calculated at checkout. Changing this setting has no effect on displaying orders placed in the past.

  3. Charge taxes on shipping rates

    If selected, standard tax rate will be charged on shipping price.

Tax rates preview

You can preview tax rates in dashboard Taxes tab. It lists all countries taxes are handled for. You can see all available tax rates for each country in its details view.

Fetching taxes

Assuming you have provided a valid VATLAYER_ACCESS_KEY, taxes can be fetched via following command:

$ python get_vat_rates

If you do not have a VatLayer API key, you can get one by subscribing for free here.


By default, Saleor is making requests to the VatLayer API through HTTP (insecure), if you are using a paid VatLayer subscription, you may want to set the settings VATLAYER_USE_HTTPS to True.